It’s nearly been 1 year since our trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands and I have yet to write a blog post about the trip…better late than never, right?  It’s probably my yearning for anything other than this cold that just won’t let up!

We wanted to try something a little different for a hot vacation last year, and had heard only wonderful things about the beaches and impossibly blue water of this beautiful country.  I was slightly hesitant about everything I’d heard about how expensive it is…so I was determined to do it on a reasonable budget.   The first unfortunate thing was that they use US currency, which for us Canadians makes everything a little more expensive.  After some perusing of condo accommodations, I was intrigued with the island, Grand Turk.  The pricing of accommodation is a bit less than on Providenciales (Provo), every thing I read boasted of empty beaches, and the final and most important selling feature, wild horses and donkeys roaming everywhere!

We were able to get an easy connection through Toronto and then directly to Provo, it makes vacationing so much better when not too many flights are involved!  Upon arrival to Provo, we hopped on a tiny little place that you couldn’t even stand up in, to Grand Turk!  It was quite cloudy, so we were only able to see little peeks of the beautiful islands below.

The small, very quiet Grand Turk airport is so charming and pretty.  We grabbed a cab that our host had graciously arranged for us and we were on our way to our accommodations.  Our home for the week was  a cute little beachfront cottage.  Perfect for just the two of us, the only thing I would have preferred was a slightly better equipped kitchen.  We tend to only eat out once or twice on vacationing, very much preferring to cook in and relax.

The one major thing I noticed from the time we landed on the island was how few people we saw…which was exactly what we look for in a vacation, haha!  The less crowds the better.

On the first evening, David ventured a little ways down the beach and met these pretty ladies.

This is the view from our gate onto the beach…the most wonderful peak of ocean between two trees!

The size of the conch shells were incredible!

We made friends with the local beach doggies.

It was unusually rainy for the majority of our stay, but since we were there to relax, it really wasn’t a big deal.  It also meant beautiful sunsets like this:

We rented bikes one of the days and toured around a little.  It’s a beautifully low key island with some incredibly restored old buildings.

If you’re looking for a place to truly get away from it all, it’s so perfect.

We spent our last couple days before heading home on Providenciales.  We stayed in the Grace Bay area, which was way too busy and touristy for us.  This beach was our favorite, a little ways away.

The water here was impossibly clear.

Well now that I’ve re-lived my vacation from last year, maybe it will hold me over until the warmer weather makes an appearance. 🙂