This project was definitely a “make it up as I go” situation.  Actually…many of my projects go this way, especially when I’m trying to mostly use materials I have in the garage.  It always feels like some much more of an accomplishment when I can use leftover lumber I have laying around.

To start with, I had these glued up 3/4″ pieces that were rejects from a recent door project.

They got sliced up in random widths.  I thought they might look interesting in a chevron pattern.  So framed a piece of plywood with 1×4’s and started cutting!

My first plan was a shoe storage cabinet but that quickly went out the window with the size I made these.  It would be just too deep for the space I wanted to put it.

Then I attached 2×2’s to the sides that were the height I had in mind for the bar cabinet.

Then added cross supports to create the main frame.

From there, just filled out the top and bottom with trim and 1×6’s.

Added the shelves (just 1×6’s again) and the wine glass holders.

I struggled with what to do with the top part.  Initially it was going to be a big drawer for wine storage.  That changed to a fold up top…still for wine storage.

I added trim to the inside the the door frames and used this metal to fill them in…then I decided to paint the metal white.

So here’s how it turned out!


Below is a tight pic of the handles…I lightly brushed the stain mixture I used on the top, sides and inside on top of the white painted metal.



I’m really happy with how the darker stained interior pops against the white exterior.

After some debating, I bought some trim to frame the chevron feature on each side.

This is what the top opens to…lots of wine storage!!

And here’s the top…love, love how this color turned out!!

The stain is a mix between Varathane Early American, Weathered Grey, and Briarsmoke.

I was trying to match the white washed oak table top and it is really close.  I still might add a little bit of white washing to the top.

The top is just 1×4’s put together that are mounted on hinges at the back.  I think I will eventually add some sort of support to keep the lid open.


Thank you for reading!