So at the last minute I decided to join in on the last IG Builder’s Challenge.  Since I did not need a table, but did need a desk…I decided to build the plan make it into a desk!

The original plan is the Shanty2Chic “Industrial Farmhouse Table Plan

In this picture you can see the main frame of the table.  As you can see, I didn’t put the 4×4’s in that join the two end legs on each side.

I filled three of the sides in with MDF…I would have preferred to use plywood but it’s so crazy expensive and I was planning on painting it white anyway.

Also, the top supports for the table top haven’t been put on yet.


Don’t make the mistake I did and get 1/2 inch MDF/Ply…use 3/4″ so you don’t have a little 1/4″ gap on the corner posts.


Below is all three sides attached.  I just screwed the MDF to the 2×4’s on top.


I then put 1×6 trim all the way around the bottom.  This supports the bottom of the MDF and gives an extra layer to the trim.


Next I went to Rona and found the chunkiest trim I could find…this is what I used.  And like the 1×6’s…continued it all the way around the desk, even on the inside!




Then I painted it all white.  Added filler where needed…and I put trim on the inside along the edge of the MDF to cover up where it meets the posts.  Also, added the top supports.

Finished the top with a dark stain mix and poly and upstairs it went.  I have plans to create a rolling filing cabinet the fits underneath for storage…hopefully soon!