Our house (barn) package came with everything to make an upper level deck…this included 2×2 balusters for the railing.

But we liked the look and color of electrical conduit so that’s what we used for the balusters.  This left us with a large pile of cedar 2×2’s left over.

Needing furniture for our upper deck, I wanted to find a way to make it from these 2×2’s…they’re cedar so perfect for outdoors!

Started out making two boxes that would be the legs on the bottom and the armrests up top, with a brace in the middle…as you can see this is where I attached the pieces for the seat.



I wanted them to slightly recline to be comfortable.  They’re secured them together with coated deck screws since they’ll be out in the elements.


As you can see, I just cut a very slight angle on the end of the back supports (10 degrees I think).


I put a support across the back for the back piece to lean against and for something to screw a few of them to.

IMG_4056 copy

IMG_4053 copy

I added a footrest since I found 3 cushions on sale at Pier One.  The footrest is the same idea as the base of the chairs…just a box made from 2×2’s!

I love the way they turned out…I’ve already made much more use of the deck because of these comfy chairs, it was definitely a worthwhile project.

Thanks for reading!