Hello!  So, since we built a big master closet, there was really no need for furniture in our actual bedroom.

Our laundry room is very narrow, not allowing any space for clothes sorting…so for the first year of living here the dirty clothes seemed to end up in the closet, not in a very cohesive manner…everywhere…I’m sure you can imagine.

I came across shanty2chic’s incredible laundry sorter plan and knew I needed to build it!

Initially I had wanted to put it in the closet but there just wasn’t enough space.

The plastic laundry hampers I found are slightly larger than the ones the plan calls for so the depth of the dresser was modified quite a bit to accommodate their extra wide tops.

Here are some of the building process shots:




For the top, the stain I used was a mix of dark walnut and weathered grey…then was white washed with a diluted white semi gloss wall paint.


The bottom part is layered multiple times with that same white wash to keep the slight wood grain showing through but eliminating any pink/yellow that sometimes happens with only a couple layers of white wash on wood.


The handles are these, the same ones as I used on the bed drawers.  These ones I just painted white with chalk paint.


So after a few months of use?  I’m still so elated with it!!

There’s tons of capacity so I’m glad I modified the size for the bigger baskets… and it looks amazing in the space.

It’s a genius, functional piece of furniture that everyone should have!