I definitely didn’t start out with the plan to build our own furniture.  I’d say it’s something that just came along organically….or by way of – nice furniture is waaaay out of our budget.

We have quite a large pile of scrap wood left over from the house build so slowly I’ve been using it piece by piece to create furniture pieces.  It’s free and sort of recycling, so win & win!

We first built the bed using the plans from Ana White’s Brandy scrap wood bed.


It was so great using up so many random scrap pieces we had laying around in the garage.  To finish the front trim, I used everything from pieces of cedar trim to wood flooring scraps.

For the headboard, I screwed together random widths of 2x scrap pieces, everything from a 2×6 to a 2×12.

I drew the pattern I wanted on a big piece of cardboard and traced it out mirroring itself on each half of the headboard.  Then cut it all out with a jig saw.

I used a white wash type finish with some dry brushing at the end to achieve the color it has.  I wanted to let the original texture and a bit of color show through but still maintain a cohesive finish to the whole bed.

The handles I used are those quite inexpensive chest metal handles.  I found mine here.

Not liking the metal look with the bed I painted them with blue and then white chalk paint on top.



The storage this bed has is spectacular!


So we went without end tables for a few months before I got fed up and really needed to make some.

I wanted them to be simple but very functional and of course match the bed.

I found some 2×12’s in the wood pile and put two together for the frame all the way around, that gave me the depth I was wanting.  I also made them quite tall, I wasn’t sure at first about this but it makes reaching over to put something on them so easy.

Then I used a few 1×6’s for the shelf on the bottom.  They were new pieces so I stained them and then sanded the stain down a bit, then white washed them so their look was consistent with the rest of the wood.

The drawer front was given matching scrap wood to match the bed.

This one has a piece of the old grain bin wood we used on the fireplace!



I will say that using the scrap wood for the frame was quite a challenge.  All the boards were somewhat warped so getting drawers to work well was not easy.

We weren’t able to get this one perfect, but I don’t mind and in some ways it adds to the charm of it.


Initially I was going to use the same handles on the side tables as the bed drawers but decided against it and just made the drawer front hang down a bit so it’s easy to grab onto to open the drawer.

I quite like the clean look to the front of the drawer.

We’ve been using them for a few months now and I love all these pieces more and more each day.  The quality and durability of solid wood furniture just can’t be beat!