From the onset of starting our house I knew I wanted a fireplace. Initially it was a wood-burning “real” fireplace that I had my heart set on…the wood crackling, smell, wonderful ambience…but then the reality of much more expensive insurance, and the not-so energy efficiency encouraged me start looking at natural gas options.
Well, I had no idea they are quite as pricey as they are. Since we were in the midst of piece by piece building our house, and really had no idea what all the costs were going to end up at, I somewhat shelved the fireplace idea for awhile.

I had my heart set on this one that I had come across in my online searches:


The majority of fireplaces are largely long and short, but the corner I had to put it in needs a skinny and tall fireplace, this one would fit the bill.

So, a few months went by and I again searched that particular model of fireplace just to gaze at it’s beauty and perfectness for my space and low and behold…a kijiji ad comes up. Seriously? Yes, someone in Winnipeg is wanting to sell the exact fireplace, new in the box…for a much more reasonable price!
Of course we quickly plan a trip to Winnipeg to pick it up and it is everything we wanted and needed, and fits perfectly!

We framed it in but took quite a long time to figure out what would work for a surround. It’s not your usual looking fireplace so I toyed with the idea of stone, tiles, maybe a combination of both?

Eventually we started thinking about wood, maybe old, reclaimed wood?
There’s an old grain bin on my family’s south quarter that my Dad has been wanting to dispose of for awhile covered in beautifully aged wood. So we thought why not? It’s free…if it doesn’t look good, no big deal.

So, we got to harvesting some “reclaimed” wood!

harvesting wood

harvesting wood 2

We decided to not do anything to the wood, just leave it as is. It was clean and quite smooth so didn’t really need anything, the colours really compliment the space nicely.

courtney's iphone 1287 copy 3

courtney's iphone 1289 copy 2

Putting it in the herringbone pattern added some interest to it, and I really like how the grooves add depth to the whole picture.

The installation was really simple, David got into the groove of the pattern quickly, and knocked the whole thing off in a couple evenings.

It took us forever to find the trim pieces though…as you can see from the pic below, it sat not completely finished for quite awhile!


And we finally found a couple pieces at the neighbour’s!  So this is how it looks now…we’re very happy with it and love the feel the fireplace and wood gives the space.

IMG_3594 copy

IMG_3592 copy

All in all, it probably ended up being our quickest project we took on!


Thanks for reading!